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The Nantes School of Architecture (ENSA) is a public higher education and research establishment sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

It is one of the twenty French schools at which students can earn a State Architect Diploma.

It also assures, alone or in cooperation with the University, other postgraduate training in the fields of naval architecture and theater design ("DPEA" diploma specific to Schools of Architecture), town planning (Masters) and urban and architectural ambiance (Masters, Doctorate).

ENSA Nantes is a national school located in the heart of the Pays de la Loire Region. The school benefits from the region's dynamic culture, economy and university.

The voluminous and luminous school building, completed in 2009, was designed by Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal and won a major national architecture award in the same year. The 12,500 m² space initially planned has been extended by an additional 5,500 m² of usable space and 8,000 m² of accessible exterior terraces.

Located on the "Ile de Nantes" island in the river Loire, a zone undergoing complete urban renovation, it is a key part of the "Creation District" which the President of Nantes Metropole presented to the press in the school's auditorium in May 2009.