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Models are indispensable in all architectural projects. They are useful to display volumes and their spatial impact.
They enable manipulations and phantom views which decompose them, and they offer spectators the different perspectives simply by moving to see the model from different viewpoints.
The architectural model is therefore an important teaching tool which can moreover provide a support for physical and mechanical tests, for example as part of structural or insolation calculations.

To make models of sites, buildings and structures the school has a Machining Workshop managed by Alexis Paszkowski.
It enables students supervised by their teachers to work with wood, cork, plastics, polystyrene, metal, cardboard, etc.
The use of the workshop and in particular the machine tools is subject to strict safety and protection rules.
Each studio can if it wishes plan its workshop usage time and order materials within the budget defined by the administration.
The machines may be used by the school's associations and even individual students, provided the workshop is available and that this usage is supervised by the manager.

The 600 m² Fabrication Hall enables students and teachers to make and install simultaneously many models and structures up to 8 meters tall in support of all kinds of experiments.
It is also possible to bring in items made outside through the four sliding doors on the Rue Alain Barbe Torte side.
If need be, these works can be temporarily exhibited in all or part of the hall, on condition that the floor occupancy planning can accommodate them.