Training course > State Architect Diploma

The State Architect Diploma can be obtained either in the framework of a Bachelors degree then a Masters, or through continuing vocational training (see the section of the same name).

With the Bachelors/Masters training, the State Architect Diploma is obtained after five years of studies, broken down into three and two year periods. Students obtain the Architectural Studies Diploma equivalent to a Bachelors degree at the end of the first period, then the State Architect Diploma equivalent to a Masters degree at the end of the second period.

The teaching is structured around two broad fields: architecture and architecture-related knowledge.
The curriculum is designed to help students acquire knowledge specific to the "project culture" and be capable of adapting to different businesses and professional practices.
Access to the first year of the Bachelors degree is open to all high-school graduates (or equivalent diploma).

Validation of studies, professional experience or personal attributes may allow access to courses already in progress.