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— A comprehensive offer

Along with educational trips integrated to the curriculum, ensa Nantes contributes broadly to the development of international cooperation: academic mobility, internships, educational cooperation, cooperation activities, hosting of foreign students.

— Erasmus+

European area is at the heart of the ensa Nantes strategy. The mobility offers cover in equal parts the two European and non-European spheres: South/North and East/West.
The strengthening of incoming and outgoing mobility is a priority. The Erasmus+ programmes represent the biggest portion of this mobility. ensa Nantes is carrying out a development policy for international relations. It is partnering with 80 structures in 31 countries, and it has doubled the number of new conventions between 2011 and 2018, thus going from 39 partnerships to 80 agreements.

Institutional Coordinator: Christian Dautel,, +33 2 40 16 01 21

Coordinator of Department: Nathalie Aknin,, +33 2 40 16 02 41

— Exchanges

International exchanges contribute to the professionalization of students, in particular with the study of foreign languages. They emphasise the transfer of knowledge and the dissemination of educational models. More broadly, the exchanges develop interculturality and a sense of belonging to Europe, which enables a certain adaptability.

With regard to the mobility with a teaching purpose, it aims to strengthen the professors-researchers’ training and to promote their skills.

This opening is beneficial on an internal scale, as it enables the refinement of training programmes. Carefully selected and targeted mobility will consolidate the long-term cooperation between institutions and thus could lead to the creation of joint degree arrangements and the emerging of shared, innovating and available curriculums.

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