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The internationalisation of ensa Nantes takes different forms, among which the hosting of foreign students who wish to experience the programme in Nantes.

— Exchange students

In order to establish an academic exchange, the student should first get in touch with their home institution and submit their application. ensa Nantes is then notified about the submission. Once this step is complete, the student should register on the ensa Nantes website: before June 15 to register for the first semester or the entire year; before November 15 to register for the second semester.

— 2019-2020 Applications

You are a foreign student (Erasmus or not), selected to come to ensa Nantes as an exchange student. You should register online by clicking the following link.

The registration should be done before 6 p.m.:

  • By June 15 (for the entire academic year and/or the first semester),
  • By November 15 (for the second semester).

The following documents are necessary:

  • A .JPG picture, with first and last name, 100 pixels, 72 DPI (for example),
  • For European students, a copy of the European Social Security Card,
  • A certification in French – B1 (recommended),
  • A public liability insurance certificate.

By email: relations.internationales@nantes.archi.fr

Once the documents have been received, you will be notified about your registration to ensa Nantes by post.

The terms of payment for the registration fees will then be specified.

— Accommodation

ensa Nantes has student accommodation that is dedicated specifically to foreign students.
In order to benefit from one, you should register online by clicking here, respecting the following modalities:

  • For the first semester: from April 10 to June 10,
  • For the second semester: from October 10 to December 10.

The decision will be sent at the latest:

  • For the first semester: June 30,
  • For the second semester: December 20.

Important: if the requests are more numerous than the offer, ensa Nantes will make a selection.


Different types of accommodation

A detailed description of the accommodation available (location, public transportations, services to residents, equipment, rent…) is available here:

  • Cité Berlioz (9-m2 rooms)
  • Résidence Île de Nantes (18-m2 studios)
  • Résidence Corbilo (18-m2 studios)
  • Résidence Longchamp (18-m2 studios)


Housing assistance

Foreign students can receive the Aide Personnalisée au Logement (APL) (housing grant), which is allocated according to a set of criteria, provided that they make a request at the Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (CAF) of Nantes.



A student who is granted a studio or a room commits themselves to take it upon arrival and to pay rent and charges every month.

— French course

ensa Nantes, in collaboration with the University of Nantes – Institute of French as a Foreign Language (IFLE), proposes classes in French as a foreign language. The classes are directed on the one hand at foreign students who wish to pass French as a certification language, and on the other hand at students within academic mobility.
In order to attend those classes, the students should click here to make a request via the school portal.

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